Oil Filtration & Fryer Clean

Using a specially developed mobile micro-filtration system, the oil is removed from the fryer at cooking temperature and filtered to eliminate odour, food particles and contaminants such as carbon. After an extensive, vacuum-based clean of the fryer, the oil is returned and the fryer is operational again. Our cooking oil filtration service can be carried out in 20 minutes for minimal disruption of service during operational hours.

Using the Halcyon service you get a cleaner, safer kitchen, less downtime and refined oil resulting in better food quality for little or no increase to your existing oil budget.

A regular visit from a Halcyon technician extends the life of your cooking oil and ensures fryers are mantained regularly.

Chefs are aware that clean oil is essential for high quality produce. However the changing of oil and cleaning of fryers is not only a budgeting matter but also a health and safety concern.

With no increase to your budget Halcyon provide the answer to both these issues with our fryer management and cooking oil filtration service. This
provision saves time and money and radically improves the quality of fried food.

A regular visit from a Halcyon technician extends the life of your cooking oil and ensures fryers are mantained regularly.



Halcyon Benifits

  • Reduces frying costs – doubles the life of cooking oil, effectively halving your cooking oil costs.
  • Reduces kitchen downtime – fryers are professionally cleaned and ready to use in under 20 minutes.
  • Reduces labour costs – you don’t need to pay your kitchen staff to clean fryers.
  • Reduces Health & Safety risks – Having a trained professional managing your fryers reduces the risk of accidents and staff absences.
  • Reduced Accident and Insurance Claims – Increase restaurant profits by reducing insurance claims
  • Improves food quality and reduces frying odours – ensures your customers keep coming back for more.

Example Cost

of a Regular Halcyon Visit:

  • Standard Kitchen Existing cost:
    2 Fryer x 40 litre = 80 litres oil costing €80.00
    Cost of man power – 1 hour = €10.50
    Total €90.50

  • Standard Kitchen with Halcyon program:
    2 fryers x 40 litres = €76.00 filtration service
    Fryer Clean – Free of Charge
    Total €76

Budget remains the same and porter time can be allocated elsewhere.

A Regular Scheduled visit from your Halcyon Technician Provides

  • Testing of oil to ascertain oil life span and development of a bespoke filtration schedule
  • Professional advice on all aspects of fryer management
  • Improved health and safety for your team
  • Great tasting food
  • Correctly filtered oil
  • No increase to budget

Old oil can be a nightmare when it comes time to cleaning your deep fryer. Oil contaminated with food particles will tend to leave a layer of “cooked on” debris around the fryer. Anyone who has ever had to clean old, greasy residue off an overused pan can attest to how frustrating and time-consuming this can be.