Halcyon provides the complete cleaning management systems for all premises with extraction ventilation systems. In the kitchen environment the extract system naturally becomes soiled with grease deposits which are a fire and health hazard. Recirculation and extract systems will, as a natural course become soiled as they draw polluted and stale air from the workspace and require regular scheduled cleaning.

Safety standards require that these systems be professionally cleaned, reducing risks to your business. With Specialist training and the latest technology we address the hygiene, health and safety concerns of dangerous build up within ventilation and extraction duct systems.
Unique to Halcyon is the fact that we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance which allows us to certify our work as compliant with TR19 regulations.



Cleaning and Disinfecting a Water Holding Tank

Delivered water should be potable (safe for human consumption) and obtained from an approved source. It is necessary to clean and disinfect your water holding tank(s) at least once a year or more often, if required.  This is to remove algae (plant growth which produces bad tastes and odours), silt, and bacteria which may be harmful.

Halcyon provide

  • Cleaning of the outside of the tank

  • Removal of any heavy and wet debris inside

  • Cleaning of floor and walls of tank

  • Disinfection of interior of tank

  • UV destruction of remaining bacteria

Other Services

Floor Renovation Services
Grease Extract Duct Cleaning

We offer a four step program:

Halcyon provide

  • Cleaning of Ductwork

  • Photographic proof of cleaning standard

  • Advanced cleaning methods and equipment

  • Qualified professional staff

  • Certificate of performance (Professional Indemnity Insurance)

  • Minimal disruption

  • Maximum quality

Client Testimonials

As part of their commitment to industry compliance, the Health Service Executive has in 2016 commissioned Halcyon to provide the duct cleaning service in many of their hospitals, nursing homes and other sheltered dwelling locations.
Health Service Executive
I would highly recommend the services of Halcyon Cleaning Ltd.
We have been using Halcyon to clean the grease extraction system for the past number of years – in compliance with health & safety and also Insurance regulations.
Halcyon provides an excellent. Cost effective service.
Megan Maguire, Central Park Nursing Home