5 Reasons to refinish floors rather than replace them


A new study shows that refinishing floors is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than replacing them. Here are five reasons why renovating retail and commercial floors makes sense.

Shiny newly-installed Polyflor and Marmoleum floors put a real sparkle in a commercial space. They look and feel perfect. Although they’re known for their hard-wearing qualities and resilience, even these surfaces don’t stay immaculate forever. Foot traffic, trolley marks, scuffs and stains will wear away the polished finish, leaving a cloudy, dull surface.

Even regular cleaning and polishing won’t bring back that new shine and seals start weakening, especially around the edges and towards the displays. This can lead to an ingress of dirt, which is not only unsanitary but also damaging to the condition of the floor.

  1. Refinishing floors is more environmentally friendly

A new study by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute found that refinishing floors can offer up to a 92% reduction in carbon footprint versus replacing floors. Halcyon is committed to driving the green agenda in the hygiene services industry and our floor renovation service achieves a smart look for our clients and a smart outcome for the environment.

  1. Refinishing a floor saves money

Besides reducing carbon footprint, renovating floors has obvious cost savings. The IVL research found that floor refinishing amounted to around 90% savings in resources, which includes materials, transport, electricity and other consumables. In the current environment, where retail spaces are feeling the impact of social distancing and stay-at-home advice, a full floor replacement may not be financially viable. Refinishing is just as good an option, at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Appearances matter – hygiene is everything in a Covid-19 world

In these pandemic times, where hygiene is top-of-mind everywhere you go, appearances count more than ever. Customers are cautious about catching Covid-19 and need to feel safe and protected in spaces, so it’s no surprise they’d choose shopping destinations based on perceptions of hygiene and adherence to health safety guidelines. Dull floors with marks and scuffs don’t inspire confidence.

  1. Minimal downtime during floor renovation

Many people groan at the word renovation. It conjures images of building projects that drag on and on. Our team is able to work with busy retail demands, providing overnight services that ensure there’s no disruption to business. Depending on the size of the floor space, our crew can be in and out in one night. Large spaces may require more than one night shift to complete, however, as we work outside of business hours, you can keep up normal trade.

  1. Customer satisfaction: renovated floors as good as new

Customer satisfaction is of vital importance to us and our entire process, from booking to completion is geared to keep our customers informed and happy. That’s why we have lasting relationships with blue-chip clients from pharmaceutical giants to hospitals. To give just one example, Halcyon refinishes more than 2,8-million square feet of retail floor space every year for Smyth’s Toys Superstores, which has 130 outlets across Ireland and the UK.  That’s a lot of shiny floors looking good as new.

It would be a mistake to think that returning floors to their new state is just a matter of stripping and re-sealing. It’s a process that can go wrong quite easily. Halcyon uses best-in-class chemicals and processes and our refinishing operatives are highly trained and supervised, with many years’ experience.


Halcyon’s floor refinishing service in a nutshell

  • Cost-saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves perception of hygiene
  • Minimal downtime and disruption
  • Professional team of trained refinishing operatives
  • Many happy customers


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