Daily Contract Cleaning

We offer a bespoke service, specifically designed to meet our clients needs. We take a proactive approach ensuring our clients premises look & operate at their best at all times, as this is an important element of their success.

With years of experience, we are specialist in innovative cleaning solutions which are essential for safe and efficient day-to-day operations:

  • Constant Communication with Clients.

  • Hands-on Management.

  • Continuous Adaptation to Clients Needs.

  • Quality Control Inspections.

  • Individual Cleaning Programmes.

  • Individual Contract Managers.

Floor Renovation

The foundation of Halcyon’s success is our customer focus, and we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution to problems. Halcyon have dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and service team to provide comprehensive customer support.

Many floors while perfect when new, over time become scuffed and ‘grubby’ looking. Halcyon provide the solution by renovating these floors to a near perfect finish, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

  • Full assessment of floors to be renovated.

  • Removal of ingrained soiling.

  • Re seal of floor to prevent ingress of dirt.

  • Advice on maintaining renovated floor surface.

  • Photographic proof of cleaning standard.

  • Advanced cleaning methods and equipment.

  • Qualified professional staff.

  • Full EL and PL along with PI insurance.





Why Use Halcyon

  • Outsourcing your support services to us means you can get on with your core business and it can be 
extremely cost effective and time efficient, giving your business a financial and competitive edge.

  • In a constantly clean & well-maintained work environment staff will feel happier and take more 
pride in working in a clean environment.

  • You can be rest assured that your clients and customers will always get a great impression of 
your work environment.

  • A clean environment reduces the risk to your business and allows you to fulfil your obligations 
and exceed your standards.


Specialised Sectors

Halcyon offer a service specifically tailored to meet our clients needs. We don’t just give a standardized service package, we offer a tailor made approach to service management based on a close development process with our customers offering the following services:

  • Multi Chain Retail Outlet Daily Cleaning

  • Daily and Deep Office Cleaning

  • Strip & Seal Of Floors

  • Renovation of damaged floors

Client Testimonials

We find their style of management to be extremely personal and their work ethic
excellent, so much so that they have worked on several projects with us outside the
hygiene arena.

As part of their commitment to industry compliance, the Health Service Executive has
in 2016 commissioned Halcyon to provide the duct cleaning service in many of their
hospitals, nursing homes and other sheltered dwelling locations