Protect your business

As specialist hygiene service providers with more than 16 years’ experience in the industry, we’re the experts.


Here are the top reasons why our Covid-19 Decontamination fogging is the right solution to protect your business:


With teams stationed all over Ireland and Northern Ireland, Halcyon can respond to an outbreak at a moment’s notice and have your business safe to reopen within just a few hours.


Effective where it matters

We use Formula 429, which is proven effective against bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses, including coronaviruses.


Minimal downtime

The process is quick and the premises is safe to return to just one hour after fogging, meaning you have minimal disruption and downtime.


Certified work

Halcyon carries Professional Indemnity Insurance, which allows us to certify our work. Businesses that have received a Halcyon decontamination fogging are issued with a certificate of completion to display to staff and customers for peace of mind.

We help businesses stay safe and open during these difficult times.


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"We find their style of management to be extremely personal and their work ethic excellent"
Health Service Executive (HSE)

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