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Why refinishing is the right solution for your floors


Environmentally friendly alternative

New research shows there’s a 92% reduction in carbon footprint if floors are refinished versus replaced.

Cost-effective solution

Save up to 90% of the cost of replacing your floors.

Floors as good as new

After 15 years of refinishing some of the grubbiest floors, we’ve yet to find one that’s too tired to be brought back to life.

Minimal downtime

Our teams work overnight and around your schedule to ensure there’s minimal disruption. That is why some of our biggest clients are retailers, schools and healthcare institutions which cannot afford to have areas out of commission for days during lengthy renovations. Refinishing is completed in sections in a matter of hours.

There’s no limit

Polyflor and Marmoleum flooring can be refinished repeatedly. And because its so cost effective we have floors we’ve done every year after the busy Christmas season… for the past 15 years and still going strong!
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Our service to you

  • We conduct a full assessment of your floors.
  • We use advanced methods and cleaning machines.
  • Our process removes engrained dirt and grime.
  • The floor is re-sealed to protect it and prevent ingress of dirt.
  • We provide feedback and advice on maintaining your shiny refinished floor surface.
  • We supply you with before and after photographic proof of our top-quality refinishing standard.
  • Our staff are fully trained and professional.
  • We carry the full range of insurance which allows us to certify our work: Employer Liability, Personal Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Halcyon, we are committed to researching and developing sustainable hygiene and cleaning solutions for our clients. Our floor renovation service achieves a smart look for our clients and a smart outcome for the environment.

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Why choose Halcyon?

The Halcyon Group has 16 years’ experience in cleaning and hygiene services and has national coverage. We use the latest technologies and techniques and employ professionally trained specialist cleaning operatives.

Cost saving and environmentally friendly

Shiny, newly-installed Polyflor and Marmoleum floors put a real sparkle in a commercial space.

They look and feel perfect. Although they’re known for their hard-wearing qualities and resilience, even these surfaces don’t stay immaculate forever. Foot traffic, trolley marks, scuffs and stains will wear away the polished finish, leaving a cloudy, dull surface.

Even regular cleaning and polishing won’t bring back that new shine and seals start weakening, especially around the edges and towards the displays. This can lead to an ingress of dirt, which is not only unsanitary but also damages the floor.

Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
"We find their style of management to be extremely personal and their work ethic excellent"
Health Service Executive (HSE)

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