Oil Testing, Filtration & Fryer Clean

Using a specially developed mobile micro-filtration system, the oil is removed from the fryer at cooking temperature and filtered to eliminate odour, food particles and contaminants such as carbon. After an extensive, ‘flush out’ clean of the fryer, the oil is returned and the fryer is operational again. Our cooking oil filtration service can be carried out in 4 minutes for minimal disruption of service during operational hours. Using the Halcyon service you get a cleaner, safer kitchen, less downtime and refined oil resulting in better food quality for no increase to your existing oil budget, and more often than not a significant saving can be made.

With no increase, and usually a reduction in existing costs, Halcyon provide the solution to both of these issues with our Fryer Management system. We supply the filtration machine on an easy to manage rental contract. We train your staff and certify them to use the machine correctly, we also supply the correct filters for optimum filtration results. It saves time, money and radically improves the quality of fried food.

A regular pre planned maintenance visit ensure the machine is in perfect working order and the operative is using the correct filters and procedure.

Filter before filtering

Food particles caught after


  • Reduces exposure to touching oil.

  • All parts guarded to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Expired oil moved in locking sealed tank eliminates the need to carry heavy pots.

  • Dual locking brakes – reduces accidental movement


  • Reduction in Consumption: 30% – 60% less oil usage and reduce box and jug waste.

  • Risk Management: 61% of workers compensation claims in food service are caused by hot oil.

  • Real Savings: Average restaurant using 300L per week can achieve savings of €400 per month including all costs.


  • Quality of oil testing: Excellence in quality fried food using high quality oil, quantitative oil testing and micro filtering are properly required to meet the customers and market demands.

  • Micro filtering technology: Patented triple positive seal filtration removes micro food particles (contaminates) in your oil ts the key to improving colour, taste and flavour of your fried foods.


  • We train your staff and certify them as competent operatives.

  • 5 minute filtering cycle

  • Flushes out food particles from fryer bottom- reduce labour cleaning fryer

  • Quick change pad filter – multiple use

  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe components

Client Testimonials

Hannons hotel use the filtration service and would highly recommend it to any busy kitchen – it eliminates so many safety concerns and the fact that it saves us money is the added bonus!
We at the K Club are currently using two of the Halcyon Zeco Oil Filtration Machines, one in our main kitchen
and one in our Clubhouse.
Halcyon trained and certified our staff in a very professional manner, resulting in correct and safe usage of
the machines.
The machines reduce our oil usage and therefore our costs.
Improve the quality of oil for each service.
Reduce the risks associated with removing waste oil.
We are very happy with the machines and would recommend them to any establishment seeking to reduce
both costs and risks.
Ger, K Club
In less than 60 minutes, Halcyon had the system in place – they trained and certified our staff on all aspects of the system and made our staff feel very comfortable with using the machine.
On the whole It’s a very safe and cost-effective method which allows us to maintain clean fryers, clean oil, High quality food at all times, along with extending the oil life which gives us a considerable cost saving.
I am very satisfied with the system and would have no problem recommending this product.
Finbarr, Clayton Hotel Doubletree
As the Executive Chef at The Radisson Farnham Estate and I have found the Halcyon Zeco Oil Filtration system to be very user friendly, it allows our staff to filter the oil, safely clean fryers, and when the fryers are dropped, to transport the expired oil safely when required without worrying about spillages, slips, trips and falls.
Our oil is filtered twice a day which has reduced our oil consumption allowing us to show a significant saving in this area – we are extremely satisfied with the performance and the results of the Zeco oil management system.
I would sincerely recommend Zeco for your kitchen fryer/oil management solution
Daniel, Farnham Estate