Halcyon launches nationwide Covid-19 Rapid-Response service

As published in the Roscommon Herald, October 2020

Roscommon-based hygiene specialist Halcyon Group has launched a nationwide Covid-19 rapid-response service for businesses in need of decontamination fogging. Halcyon has commissioned teams of specialist cleaning operatives trained in Covid-19 infection control across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“The teams are positioned to cover all 32 counties, so we’re able to offer an extremely fast turnaround to businesses in need,” said Peter Kirwan, Managing Director of the Halcyon Group. “We can respond to a call-out within a matter of a few hours, a turnaround that has been very effective in our UK operation.”

Halcyon’s nationwide Covid-19 rapid-response

With cases of Covid-19 rising, the rapid-response service will come as welcome news to businesses that close due to a suspected or reported case and need decontamination in order to reopen safely. “We’re finding many businesses are being proactive and calling for decontamination fogging at the first concern that there might be a positive case. We want to support this as far as possible,” said Mr Kirwan.

“We’ve kept the service very cost efficient by investing in state-of-the-art fogging technology,” he added. Halcyon offers a free fogging service to any Roscommon small business that has a positive Covid-19 case and needs decontamination fogging. Apply online here. For businesses outside Roscommon and those too large to qualify, Halcyon is offering a half-price fogging special from €375.

Fogging is a quick and safe process dispersing a fine mist into the air that settles on every surface. Halcyon uses Formula 429, which is proven effective against bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses, including coronaviruses.

Rapid-response teams across Ireland and Northern Ireland

Lone riders in their Halcyon-branded vehicles, the rapid-response teams travel light across the country. “Our fogging machines are extremely powerful and efficient, so one operative is able to get in and out of a business in optimal time,” said Mr Kirwan. A premises is safe to reopen just one hour after fogging and the chemical lasts between three and four weeks. This means a very quick turnaround time and minimal operational downtime.

“I really feel for business owners. There’s so much scaremongering at the moment and there’s the false impression that in order to respond to an infection in your company you need to pay lots of money for teams to come in and do a manual deep clean that can take days to complete,” said Mr Kirwan.

“Many cleaning companies out there are charging exorbitant amounts to do what is popularly termed a Covid ‘deep clean’. Manually cleaning every surface in a building is time-consuming, costly and open to human error. If you cannot clean every square inch of every surface, then it’s not a decontamination. Fogging cuts out the element of human error because the mist covers everything with disinfectant. So there’s no chance that someone forgets to wipe a doorknob or corner of a room.”’

Check out your hygiene suppliers carefully

Businesses looking at contracting a hygiene services company are encouraged to do a thorough due diligence. “Anyone can throw a few cloths and chemicals into a van and call themself a cleaning company,” said Mr Kirwan. “The questions you need to ask are: do these companies carry the correct insurance? Are they using the proper PPE? Do they carry the right paperwork?”

Halcyon carries Professional Indemnity Insurance, which means it can certify all cleaning work that it does, safeguarding customers against legal liability. “A cleaning company should be able to provide its clients with a Safety Statement, Method Statement and insurance documentation. And you should ask them to show you this before letting them on your premises,” said Mr Kirwan. “We’re insured to the hilt. It’s not to protect ourselves. It’s to protect our clients.”

Halcyon also offers floor renovation for Marmoleum and Polyflor, which is popular among retailers and Smyth’s Toys Superstores is among their contracts.

Special offer

To help businesses get back on track, Halcyon is offering a half-price special on decontamination fogging from €375. For more details:

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