Save money with fryer oil filtration

With the price of cooking oil literally bubbling over and with no return, any opportunity to cut costs is golden. The Halcyon Zeco is a unique system that can save up to 60% on oil costs and is so quick and easy to use, it’ll save up to 85% on labour too.

Let’s face it, the cost of everything is going up and cooking oil is no exception. As we’ve discovered the extensive uses of plant-based oils, from frying to heating and even fuelling cars, prices have been on the boil. Fried food is in high demand, and cooking oil is hot property.

To put things in perspective, consider a typical hotel kitchen running three or four fryers. Depending on how much frying is being done, they’re using around 300 litres a week. Oil is currently selling at around €0,80 a litre, which adds up to a hefty €12 480 a year. Add to this the laborious process of cleaning the fryers, which can take around 30 minutes per unit when using conventional methods, and that’s two hours a day your kitchen porters spend elbow-deep in fryer cleaning. That’s about €30 a day (or €10 980 a year) in wages just to keep the fryers clean!

Reduce costs with a fryer management system

Now for the good news: there is a way to cut these costs right down and save up to 60% on oil costs and up to 85% on the labour costs of fryer cleaning; it’s called the Halcyon Zeco fryer management system and it filters the oil and cleans the fryer in just under six minutes.

Download our brochure to to see just how much money this system can save you on oil and labour costs.

How the Halcyon Zeco oil-filtration system works

The system drains oil at cooking temperature from the fryers and passes it through three filters: the first two are stainless steel and catch large particles such as batter and cornflour, while the third filter, a fine, five-micron disposable pad, catches micro contaminants such as carbon and acrylamide. The fryer is then flushed clean with the hot, filtered oil, the tank is refilled with the now-clean oil, and the fryer is fully operational again. One secret to the Halcyon Zeco’s success is that the oil is filtered and the fryer cleaned at cooking temperature, so there’s no downtime waiting for oil to cool, and because the entire process takes place safely inside the sealed tank of the Halcyon Zeco, there’s no need for kitchen porters to carry pots of hot oil.

Once filtered, the oil is tested using a probe that measurers Total Polar Material (TPM) -the number of contaminant particles in the oil, such as water and carbon- ensuring your filtered oil meets all EU food safety standards.

Here’s why your kitchen porters will love the Halcyon Zeco:

In just three days you’ll notice these differences:

  • The automated “wash-though” cycle means no scrubbing of greasy equipment.
  • Oil is removed and filtered at cooking temperature, saving time.
  • The system is fully enclosed and reduces the risk of burn accidents from staff touching the hot oil directly.
  • The stainless-steel filters are dishwasher safe.
  • Dual-locking brakes reduce the risk of accidents from bumping.
  • Expired oil is moved in a sealed tank, eliminating the need to carry heavy pots.

An easy-pay fryer management solution for you

All units are available on a lease-rental contract, meaning that there are no large upfront costs and you own it after 36 months. Halcyon will train your staff and issue certificates to show they can competently use the machine and supervise the filtration process. This eliminates the need for externally-trained operatives so the system can be flexibly, safely, and effectively used by your own staff. Our team of experts will conduct regular maintenance visits to ensure the machine is kept in good working order and the optimal procedure is being used to achieve the best results.

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See the results in just 3 Days!

In just three days you’ll notice these differences:

  •  Savings in fryer oil consumption
  •  Savings in fryer cleaning time
  •  Improved oil quality
  •  Improved taste of fried food
  • Improved kitchen safety

Book a demo and see it for yourself in your own kitchen. Contact us to book a demo now.

Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
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