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Fryer management and oil filtration

Halcyon Eco

The Halcyon Eco is a unique fryer management system that cleans the fryer, filters the oil and allows you to safely transport expired oil. Tested extensively in commercial kitchens, the Halcyon Eco has been proven to reduce oil costs by up to 60%, while helping chefs run safer, cleaner fryers.

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Halcyon Eco

Why the Halcyon Eco is the right solution for your kitchen


Saves up to 60% in cooking oil costs

The Halcyon Eco extends the life of your oil, saving money and reducing waste. The average restaurant using 300ℓ per week can achieve savings of €250 per month including all costs.

Filtration takes just 6 minutes

Filtering the oil and cleaning the fryer in one easy cycle that takes just 6 minutes cuts your kitchen porter time spent cleaning. That translates into a real saving: up to 85%.

Improves oil quality

The Halcyon Eco has three filters that remove contaminants from the oil, from the big doughey bits to the micro particles, such as carbons and acrylamide which can cause cancer. You’ll notice the improvement in taste too.

Reduces risk of oil burns

Cleaning fryers is fast, easy and safe. The Halcyon Eco is an enclosed system so there is no need for kitchen porters to carry pots of hot oil. The Halcyon Eco is a safer cleaning process that minimises risk of burns from transporting hot oil.

“It’s a very safe and cost-effective method which allows us to maintain clean fryers, clean oil and high-quality food at all times, along with extending the oil life which gives us a considerable cost saving. I am very satisfied with the system and would have no problem recommending this product.”

Finbarr Higgins, Executive Chef, Clayton Hotel Doubletree
Finbarr Higgins, Executive Chef,

“I have found the Halcyon Zeco oil filtration system to be very user-friendly, it allows our staff to filter the oil, safely clean fryers, and when the fryers are dropped, to transport the expired oil safely when required without worrying about spillages, slips, trips and falls. Our oil is filtered twice a day which has reduced our oil consumption allowing us to show a significant saving in this area.”

Daniel Willimont, Executive Chef, Raddison Blu Farnham Estate
Daniel Willimont, Executive Chef,

Clean, safe and cost-effective

How it works

Using a specially-developed triple-filtration system, the hot oil is drained from the fryer at cooking temperature and filtered to eliminate odour, food particles and contaminants such as carcinogenic acrylamide. After an extensive “wash-through” clean of the fryer using its own cleaned oil, the tank is refilled and the fryer is fully operational.

A 100-micron basket filter catches large particles such as batter. Simply tip the debris into the bin and wash the filter. The stainless-steel filter is dishwasher-safe.
A 50-micron tray filter removes smaller particles such as cornflour and spices. This filter is made of stainless steal and is dishwasher-safe.
A fine-grained 5-micron disposable filter removes trans fats and water from the oil. The Halcyon Eco is a cost-effective solution to quality control.
A dirty fryer with the oil drained.
A clean fryer once ‘flushed through’ with oil filtered by the Halcyon Eco.
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A complete fryer management solution

Our Fryer Management service is the solution to help you reduce costs and improve kitchen safety. We supply the filtration machine on a lease-rental agreement. We train your staff and certify them to use the machine correctly, we also supply the correct filters for optimum filtration results. A regular pre-planned maintenance visit ensures the machine is in perfect working order and your operators are using the correct filters and procedure.

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Why choose Halcyon?

The Halcyon Group has 16 years’ experience in cleaning and hygiene services and has national coverage. We use the latest technologies and techniques and employ professionally trained specialist cleaning operatives.

Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
Get in touch for a free quotation from Ireland's leading cleaning specialist
Linda Meakin
Sales Director
"We find their style of management to be extremely personal and their work ethic excellent"
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